Our Services

Digital Material provides digital solutions to clients around the world to maximize their growth and success through innovation and comprehensive strategy.

At Digital Material, our sweet spot is in taking all of our capabilities, whether it be in digital strategy, web design, social media to put together beautifully designed experiences that can help a business or product reach the next level.

We provide broad spectrum of services to our client base which include government, corporates, US and UK based clientele and small startups.

Our digital services work together, helping your business to run optimally, efficiently and grow to the next level.

Our services include the following:

Digital Strategy

We do research and develop strategies that achieve maximum reach, drive brand engagement and brand love. Our comprehensive campaigns include marketing, social media and direct media.

Social Media Interaction & Community Management

Social media only succeeds when there is a 2-way engagement that takes place between brand and consumer. Our campaigns leverage various platforms to increase brand visibility and boost communication.

Web Design & Development

We create memorable & intuitive websites that people love to use. Our team craft one-of-a-kind user experiences combined with technically sound backends and that’s why one of the most important divisions at Apprentice Valley is our dev team, the guys that actually build our crazy ideas!

Our dev background extends across almost programming languages from Java to PHP to Ruby to SQL to Objective C to mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Our team will make your design functional and bringing your entire site to life with coding, interactive elements and bespoke content management systems.

Design & UX

Our design is meant to drive unique customer interaction. With intuitive layouts, simplicity, contextualisation and digital persuasion we design for content, not for the page.


Mobile apps are replacing websites so the time to integrate both is now. We have extensive experience in mobile app design and development across all platforms.


We provide E-Commerce strategy, design and development to help your brand generate more sales and growth. We have the most experience in open source platforms, Magento, Shopfiy, WordPress and OpenCart.