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Globally, the digital revolution has impacted companies on an unprecedented scale. Whilst all companies use digital technology in some form or another, getting beyond obvious and small applications of technology to engage stakeholders presents both an opportunity and challenge for most companies. If you want to sustain competitive advantage and place your customers at the center of your operations, you’ll need to adopt secure and scalable, end-to-end mobile and digital solutions, services, and platforms.

Digital Material uses a holistic mobile ecosystem with access to the world’s third largest white-labeled app store to help businesses re-imagine and create the following bespoke digital services:

  • Music
  • Content
  • Wireless Application Service Provider Services
  • Mobile-Health & Mobile-Education
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Mobile-Payments.


The evolution of digital technology means that mobile devices are used as hand-held, instant entertainment centers. By 2017, worldwide mobile gaming revenues will generate over 14 billion US dollars, evidencing that the online gaming market is becoming increasingly important.

Digital Material offers a range of gaming services including:

  • Gaming accesories
  • Numerical games
  • Games of chance and skill
  • Social casino games
  • Table games.


The SMS Mega Promo is a game which lasts between 30 and 120 days. It is designed to enable the mobile user to escape the hum-drum of daily life and enjoy themselves whilst entering contests for prizes. SMS Mega Promos offer big Prizes ranging from cash, gadgets and airtime to life-changing prizes (cars and houses). The mobile user receives a SMS which entices them to participate in an interactive SMS game where they send a blank SMS or a premium price SMS to collect points or to enter for a chance of winning a prize.

With SMS Mega Promos you can:

  • Boost average revenue per user (ARPU) and reach your annual business targets
  • Attract customers away from your competitors
  • Reactivate “sleeping” or dormant customers
  • Create brand “buzz” or viral campaigns
  • Increase customer loyalty


We develop bespoke mobile content portals loaded with a versatile library of content ranging from sports, religion, the latest games, lifestyle, video-on-demand, mobile -videos, music and lots more, creating an engaging entertainment ecosystem for all our channel partners.


Financial statements are a vital part of economic life but can be difficult and cumbersome to administer using a paper-based system. By using Digital Material mobile-statements, you can provide financial statements (tax invoices, monthly statements, salary slips) directly to a mobile device without needing to install an app or download software

Our mobile-statement platform is compatible with most mobile devices. By using our mobile-statement solutions you’ll cut your administration costs whilst increasing your efficiencies.


Enterprise messaging is an indispensable resource when it comes to engaging with your customers or employees. Statistics show:

Enterprise messaging enables you to send high volumes of SMSs to your customers or employees so you can:

  • Manage opt-in/opt-out to SMS/text campaigns
  • Create auto responses
  • Generate SMS keywords
  • Create powerful customer databases
  • Let customers know about a promotion or special offer
  • Engage your customers and increase your brand loyalty
  • Send electronic vouchers, discount coupons, and mobile rewards
  • Confirm an appointment or booking
  • Manage internal communications with employees
  • Manage the performance of your SMS marketing campaigns.
  • Whether you need to send one message or a million messages, our system will allow you to track the success of your SMSs whilst reducing costs.

We offer:

  • Bulk SMS and developer solutions to all mobile networks worldwide
  • Premium and standard SMS Short Codes enabling you to generate revenue from your campaigns.


  • We use digital solutions to drive growth and success. Our services work together, helping your business to run optimally, efficiently and grow to the next level.
  • First and foremost we are about insight driven strategy.
  • Our websites are memorable experiences we want people to love to use
  • Our design is intuitive, beautiful and meant to drive maximum interaction
  • Our mobile applications enhance how people communicate with each other and work efficiently
  • Our social media campaigns are rooted in storytelling and provoking action


The future of advertising is mobile. This form of advertising is growing faster than all other digital advertising formats. We use powerful technology and draw from an expert team, to allow our clients to create stunning and interactive advertising campaigns using the 7ps of holistic marketing (product, price, place, promotion, people, process & physical environment) creating strong brand experiences on mobile devices.


Mobile-vouchers convert cash into “digital money” and they have been identified as a key mobile trend. With mobile-vouchers you can deliver a coupon to a mobile phone which can be exchanged for a discount or rebate on a product or service.

Mobile-vouchers remove the need for costly and cumbersome paper vouchers. Use them for:

  • Money off
  • Buy-one-get-one-free
  • Multiple purchases
  • Virtual currencies
  • Remittances
  • Mobile recharges
  • Mobile money cash loading.


Voice broadcasting has been described as the ‘magic bullet’ of mobile campaigns. Voice broadcasting allows you to reach audiences who may be:

  • Visually impaired
  • Illiterate
  • Using languages, which are verbal rather than written.

By using voice broadcasting, you can reach audiences who may have problems accessing or understanding information and advertising on SMS or digital campaigns.


We offer a variety of mobile marketing solutions including competitions, polls, quizzes, and more to supplement our client’s go- to-market strategies, helping them retain and acquire active customer bases.

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